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Use of Abusive Language and Behaviour at Work


Dear HR Professionals,

We have received several complaints from previous as well as current employees that certain top management in our company had used abusive language on them and was rather aggressive in body language although there was no physical harm done.

We have feedback to the MD of the company and the MD has assured us that he has talked to the top management regarding his choice of language. However, we are still receiving complaints from employees and this has resulted in several Singaporeans and PRs leaving our company. It would seem quite obvious that this top management is also monopolizing the team to consist mostly of team members from his country of origin.

Since we did not get any further "support" from the MD regarding addressing this matter (warning letter etc) and we foresee this getting blown out of proportion with TADM involved etc, we are wondering if there are any other ways we can handle this in a fair manner before it gets out of hand?




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If this top management is recruiting SPR who are from his country of origin, the gov't will have no issue. If the new recruits are EP holders, then it depends on the ratio of these EP holders vis-a-vis locals/SPR. MOM may intervene if it is unfair to locals/SPR. TADM usually hears monetary claims, unless there is a breach of contract, which in this case seems hard to argue.

Different types of powers exist in an organization so this situation may not be a matter of fairness.