Dear Fellow HR Practitioners,

We have a staff who just gave birth. Before she gave birth, she had 5 days of childcare leave left. As childcare leave cannot be brought forward to 2017, she has now applied for the 5 days of childcare leave starting from the date she gave birth.

Can I know if this practice is allowed in your companies?

Or should it strictly be applied as maternity leave? Which means she has to forego the 5 days of childcare leave.

Thank you.


1. Maternity leave is separate from Child Care leave.

Child care leave entitlement is based on month worked of the year, that is, up to Sep for this staff. How could she be entitled to full 6 days of CCL? It will be pro-rated. One way is always to check MOM website that is clear on specified regulations and leave entitlement.

The question needs clarification is:

Does your staff wants to “add on” these pro-rated CCL to her maternity leave? There is no such practises.