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Using KPIs to manage performance

Using KPIs to manage performance

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to measure individual performance.

By doing so, KPIs are also supposed to improve the performance of people doing jobs. Or does it?

This will depend on how KPIs are set and managed.

For example, KPIs should be for every person, every department as well as at the company level.

And managers should know how to structure KPIs, justify and speak about them to their subordinates with mutual respect and trust.



HR Poll: Using KPIs has improved performance in my organisation

Yes: 28.57%

No: 14.29%

Maybe: 19.05%

Not sure: 38.10%




Sometimes is difficult or limited to set KPI. Eg. Company Driver and Pantry Lady's KPI easily runs out of new KPI to set so becomes a repeated KPI every year. - LSK



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