Vaccine requirement when hiring

Dear HR Community

We are a professional services firm in the process of implementing the vaccine requirement (or pre-event testing) effective 1st of Jan.

Whilst our roles don't require daily interactions with customers or high-risk persons, our jobs (once permissible) do require occasional client contact, international travel and hopefully once again regular office visits to collaborate and improve social interactions.

Our US-counterparts state that employment is subject to vaccination or other exception, but I do not believe this would apply in Singapore.

MOH states in their most recent FAQs that the vaccine can be required at time of hire but there is no information on recruitment advertisements.

I would like to know, if anybody has phrased the vaccine requirement into their job ads or employment offers and if yes how this has been phrased?

Look forward to your feedback.

Thank you in advance.




HR Poll: Has your organisation included the vaccine requirement when hiring?

Yes: 40.54%

No: 37.84%

Perhaps: 2.70%

Not sure: 18.92%




No but at the point of offer, we'll ask candidate if they are already fully vaccinated. - Pearl

We will check with the applicant during the interview if they are vaccinated. Upon hiring, they must submit the vaccine certificate. - Mala

Our company has made it mandatory for all staff to update vaccination status as part of our profile in the HR system. A doctor's memo or medical note is required to justify reason for not being vaccinated. - Janice

We do not state it in the advertisements to avoid bias. However, during the interview, they would be asked if they are. We would also share that our employees are 100% vaccinated, it is recommended for them to be vaccinated before joining us as it affects the health of our employees. - Tanna



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