Verifying Medical Certificates

Does an employer in Singapore have the right to verify medical certificates submitted by their employees?

Yes, an employer in Singapore has the right to verify the medical certificate submitted by an employee.

It is important to ensure that the medical certificate is legitimate and issued by a qualified medical practitioner.

Here are a few steps you can take to verify the medical certificate:

Cross-check the details: Look for important details such as the name and contact information of the issuing clinic or doctor, the date of issue, and the duration of the medical leave. Ensure that these details are accurate and consistent.

Contact the clinic or doctor: You can contact the clinic or doctor mentioned on the medical certificate to verify its authenticity. You can ask for confirmation of the employee’s visit and the diagnosis.

Engage a third-party medical verification service: If you’re unable to contact the clinic or doctor directly, you can consider engaging a third-party medical verification service. These services specialize in verifying medical certificates and can provide you with an independent assessment.

It is important to handle the verification process sensitively and respect the employee’s privacy. Only request for verification when necessary and keep the information confidential.

Can HR verify medical certificates submitted by staff?

Yes: 65.63%

No: 6.25%

Depends: 21.88%

Not Sure: 6.25%


Yes, as long as the staff is claiming the reimbursement from the employer. Although most of the time employers will trust their staff. – Hazel

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