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Basic HR Writing Skills Virtual Workshop

6 January 2021 - New!

This virtual training workshop will help HR practitioners overcome the challenges they face when communicating with their colleagues.

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Rebuilding Employee Morale and Productivity Virtual Workshop

12 January 2021 - New!

With much uncertainty spreading through every business, employees are worried about their jobs. Although people will often continue to work diligently even if morale is low, excitement and enthusiasm will be scarce, conflict frequent, energy visibly reduced and quality, innovation and productivity suffer.

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Drafting Employment Contracts Virtual Workshop

21 January 2021 - New!

This virtual training workshop will cover the legal requirements to draft, offer and implement a contract of service, the essential terms and conditions required in a contract and best practices when developing a contract of employment.

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Post-COVID19 – Managing Change at The Workplace

25 February 2021 - New!

It is increasingly clear our era will be defined by a fundamental schism: the period before COVID-19 and the new normal that will emerge in the post-viral era: the “next normal.” Helping employees navigate through such extreme change is critical to organizations’ short-term and longer-term survival. Consider this – we’re coming out of one of the lowest unemployment periods in history when the fight for quality talent was fierce.

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CBPM Virtual Workshop

Date to be advised - New!

This virtual training workshop will help HR practitioners and managers improve their performance management abilities by utilising competencies.

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