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WFH allowance


Dear HR Community

As we enter post COVID-19, it appears that working from home (WFH) will continue.

Consequently, we have two teams alternating between the office and home as we believe that this will be the new norm for us.

My question is therefore about the increased costs associated with the use of the internet, utilities, etc for employees who are WFM for their companies.

We are proposing that some allowances be provided to help employees defray the costs of WFM and wish to know if any of you are doing the same.

We are in the shipping industry.

Thank you,



HR Poll: Are you providing WFM allowances?

Yes: 8.05%

No: 83.91%

Considering: 8.05%






I had a candidate enquiring too if we had this, we don't. I think it is a nice gesture, some of my family members have one-off sum as an incentive, some had laptop stand, printer, etc for them and for them to keep - Z

We provide $50 reimbursement for monthly Internet charges only - Elaine

The internet is usually available from home with or without WFH. The flexibility of working from home has many benefits, such as spending more time with family, savings in transportation, etc. On top of that, any unpaid expenditures WFH can claim from IRAS - Collin

It should be given to be fair to everyone who is WFH.  As for internet allowance, it is not necessary because no matter you WFH or not, you still pay the same bill. As for mobile allowance, I would like to recommend comp to install an IP phone to all user's laptops or mobile, so everyone can use the office line even at home. It is easier and convenient and not so expensive, and fewer claim jobs compare to individual claim personal phone bill for work purpose when WFH.- YY

Employees at the same time are saving on commute which they used to pay. In addition to shopping for clothes for work or lunch money so that should balance. In addition, tax adjustments do take place for employees working from home and using utilities, etc for work purpose, so more into that can be looked at support employees to be aware of how to claim those tax benefits - Muhammad

I feel that it is not necessary as staff already saved on travelling expenses. However if the Company is not badly affected by this pandemic, this WFH allowance can be considered - Cheryl

No. There are tax consequences for doing so and reality is most are saving on commuting costs - Charlotte

Those on WFH save transportation, meals, travelling time and to some extent even annual leave - some would have made use of WFH to run errands - SL

We only issue out monthly Handphone Allowance of $20 to those staff who are not entitled to Handphone Allowance (which is paid out to Sales and Technical personnel only) -Edna

You meant "WFH". Do not see why there is a need to provide such an allowance since staff are enjoying "savings" on transportation costs. Providing such allowances sets unhealthy precedence (we never know what future surprises mankind will face) of being compensated for each and every set-back faced. Companies with a strong team culture will weather this together. However, staff who require certain financial help can be managed on a case by case basis - Finian

It depends on the company. But I think this is a give-and-take issue. By WFH, the employees have more flexibility to carry out their work duties and balance their personal lives without having to spend time commuting to the office. The electricity and internet bills incurred due to working from home is therefore minimal compared to the extra time we have for our personal lives - Theresa

We are not paying any allowance as the employee is saving on time and commuting cost. May consider some reimbursement on the mobile phone - LL

Hi YY, So far, my company is not considering WFM allowance for employees. Hope this helps - Elaine

$50 - SY

The company felt that we are less productive working from home - DL

Not going to provide WFH allowance. Once you give the staff the allowance, it is hard to remove the allowance in future. The workers are already gaining from the time saved commuting and transport cost - Janet

Yes, we support government initiatives and understand the needs of employees to continue with the WFM arrangement. We see it as a positive arrangement to help reduce community cases as well as employees well being. All employers and residents have to play a part in order for business continuity - MT


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