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WFH Off-in-lieu


Dear HR Community,

I would like to know if off-in-lieu changes when we are working from home (WFH).

We are from a religious organisation and so we work from home from Tuesday to Saturday.

On Sundays, we deploy different teams to be present at our "workplace".

Mondays are off days for everyone.

If a public holiday falls on Sunday which is our workday and also on Monday which is our regular off-day, how is off-in-lieu or other forms of compensation determined since we are WFH for the rest of the week?

Many thanks for your replies in advance.




HR Poll: Is off-in-lieu different for staff working from home?

Yes: 25.00%

No: 75.00%




Hi Clare, I am also from a religious organisation and like you, our off days are on Mondays. If a public holiday falls on Sunday, we will still work on Sunday but Tuesday will be our off-in-lieu day. Hope my sharing is of help to you. Janey



Credit 1 day off in lieu to be utilised within the year.




To my understanding, regardless of working from home or office, as long as the PH falls on workday then you all shouldn't be working on that day, so Off-in-lieu will not applicable for your case. However, if you all are required to work on PH due to the job nature, then your company should be paying OT pay + PH pay/Off-in-lieu Leave.



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