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Dear HR Community Subscribers,

The government has recently announced that all organisations who are classified under the permitted list can reopen their workplaces to allow their staff to return to work.

As they return to the workplace, they have to ensure a safe working environment with safe management and sector-specific requirements.

And you may have also read news reports of global MNCs either delaying their return to the office to January (Apple) or allowing only fully vaccinated employees back to the workplace (IBM).

While some companies here may have their employees work from home (WFH) indefinitely in the past, other may be bringing their employees back by adopting the VoRT regime.

So, the question is whether organisations here are continuing to WFH or is their workplace back to normal fully or partially in tandem with vaccine policies.



HR Poll: Are your employees still WFM?

No, everyone is back: 4.23%

Yes, some of them are: 80.28%

Yes, all of them are: 14.08%

Not sure where they are: 1.41%




If employees are fully vaccinated. They have to comply to the safe management introduced by the company. If every employee follows and abide, it should be a safe environment to work. - Rina

Several policies to be made and continuously monitor to make it relevant time after time. the differentiated approach of vaccination status - will be a hot topic however, need to address this tactfully according to PDPA. - Nina

Is good that staff WFH as long they can complete duty on time. The company will continue let some staff WFH till end of 2021. - Ren

Based on in-company survey, most employees prefer hybrid model of partial WFH so the direction is to have employees WFH 60%-80% of the time even after restrictions are lifted. - Jessie

It will be great if the company can adopt hybrid work mode. - May

Given the current situation better for those doing critical work go back. - Mag

1. Current WFH is based on prevailing government advisory i.e. SMM. 2. Post pandemic, WFH is up to the discretion of each employer subject to varying factors. - Ann

It will be a new norm to be WFH (remote working). -  Eva

It will be a hybrid working environment going forward. - Eve

Employers should welcome the idea of giving employees the option to WFH moving forward to move into a more flexible workforce. - Sandra

Trend is likely to adopt a hybrid model. - Angela

Should continue if the nature of work permits so. Unfortunately, my management thinks otherwise. He prefers staff to work in office if permissible. - Joel

Based on govt rule - 50% WFH and 50% WIO - Wendy

Hybrid mode, some days WFH, some days back in office. - SY

The continuation of 50% WFH would strike a good balance. It will ease over-crowding on public transportation system. Reduce lunch crowd at the food centres. And offers some flexibility to staff. - Jess

There may be a lack of engagement when the employees are working from home. - Christina

WFH is good in enabling anytime anywhere to get work done objectively. Meetings should be conducted virtually and not physically. However, socialising should be done to bring back all WFH staff to physical meet for human touch. Maybe 4.5 days WFH and 0.5-day social event every week. Socialising is good and therefore seminars and roadshows should be held physically and not virtually. - SK

Travelling is still restricted, unfortunately. - Jan

We will be on hybrid mode from 2022. - Zita

A hybrid system may be for the better. - Cherie

Our company has implemented the Work-From-Anywhere (WFA) for all employees who are able to do so. However, for some who are unable to WFA, they are allowed to go to the office twice a week. - Regina

Feature of work - Sharen



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