Winter Clothing Allowance Policy

The winter clothing allowance is a benefit many companies offer to their employees traveling to colder countries.

However, there is no fixed standard for the amount that should be given as it varies depending on the company’s policy, the destination country, and the length of the stay.

If you’re considering implementing such a policy, it’s recommended that you take these factors into account. You may also want to look into how other companies in your industry or region handle this.

Companies usually consider the following criteria when setting up a winter clothing allowance:

Destination: The country or city where the employee will be travelling. Some regions have a harsher winter climate than others.

Duration of Stay: How long the employee will be staying in the cold region? A longer stay may require a larger allowance.

Position of the Employee: Some companies vary the allowance based on the position or level of the employee within the organization.

Frequency of Travel: If the employee travels frequently, a one-time allowance may not be sufficient.

Company’s Budget: The company also needs to consider their financial capacity to provide such allowances.

Industry Benchmark: Companies often look at what similar companies in their industry or region are offering to ensure they are competitive.

Generally, countries that experience extreme winter temperatures would necessitate a winter clothing allowance. This list often includes but is not limited to:

Northern Hemisphere countries such as Canada, the United States (specifically northern states), the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and other European countries.

North Asian countries like Russia, China (northern regions), South Korea, Japan and Mongolia.

Some parts of Australia and New Zealand during the winter season.

Remember, this is not an exhaustive list and the requirement of winter clothing can depend on the specific cities and the time of the year the employee is traveling.

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Which factor determines winter clothing allowance in your organisation?

Destination: 43.75%

Position of the Employee: 6.25%

Frequency of Travel: 12.50%

Company’s Budget: 18.75%

Industry Benchmark: 18.75%

This mainly applies to those travelling in colder countries as part of their job. – Ria

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