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Work Permit Requirement in Batam



Can anyone advise on the procedure for a Singaporean to apply a work permit in Batam?

Thank you.






The process can be quite tedious. These are the questions that you would need to answer first:

1. Does your company has an entity in Batam?
2. If yes, you will need to provide a domicile letter of your company in the work permit application. If not, you will need to provide a domicile letter of a local partner in Batam & provide a copy of the contract that your company has with them.
3. In the event where your company is in Jakarta & you do not have any entity in Batam, on the work permit application, it has to indicate that Jakarta is the working location & to add Batam as a travel location to conduct work
4. Refer to the Requirements to get a work visa, KITAS, Work Permit & Police/Residence Registration below:





For a start, you will need to prepare all the documents required.

Supporting documents – Passport photos with Red background, employment letter, contract, copy of passport ( more than 6mths or 1 year expiry), etc...

All the permits – work permit, stay permit, smart card, driving license etc… are only valid for one year, hence need to resubmit and renew annually.

The HR Manager in Indonesia should be able to advise you better, as all documents and application forms are in Bahasa.

Manpower Permit - about 2 weeks

Application forms – fill up and also attached all relevant documents as required.

Work Permit – about 2 weeks

Paid up US$1200 as “”Development Fund/fee”” annually (paid to a special designated Government bank with the Acc number, need the payment receipt to proceed next stage)

Consist of application forms as well, fill up and also attached all relevant documents including the manpower permit etc…

Stay Permit – about 1 week

If the person need to live in Indonesia, most likely so, since you apply for Work Permit, then Stay Permit is needed.

During this application, his Passport will be withhold ( stay in Batam ), during the process, which is about 1 week.
Consist of application forms as well, fill up and also attached all relevant documents including the work permit etc…

Tax ID – concurrently

Since the person is having a Work Permit in Indonesia, he will need to pay Indonesia Income Tax.

Hence need to apply for this Tax ID as well.

Income Tax needs to be paid on a monthly basis, once the person started work in Indonesia.

Smart Card – Optional.

This is for Immigration clearance , fast track, so that he will not need to have the immigration stamp on his passport whenever travelling in/out of Indonesia.

Hence overall, you will be looking at a time frame between 6 weeks to 8 weeks for the entire process.

Some of the above permits, the applicants would need to be present at the government office for photo taking, signature and also the original passport to be submitted. Respective Government Departments would need to put a rubber stamp onto the passport.

Hope the above helps.




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