Worker Negligence

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We are a manufacturer and have issues with safety on the factory floor with workers who don't wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

This is a serious issue for us because we may be found to be negligent in our duties as an employer for failing to provide a safe working environment.

So, we are considering several measures to ensure that workers nowadays will comply with our safety rules and I seek your advice and experience with this.

Do you use training, penalties, fines, salary deduction or rewards to improve workplace compliance and safety?

Appreciate your advice and views.

Thank you




HR Poll: How to get workers to follow safety rules

Training: 35.71%

Counseling: 19.64%

Fine: 5.36%

Salary deduction: 1.79%

Warning: 25.00%

Incentive: 12.50%




Constant reminder and continuous refresher training would be helpful. If bad habits continue with no improvement, issue warning. The person’s increment and / or bonus will also be affected. - Jessica

Explain the importance of PPE and also MOM will also fine them if they refuse to wear. By refusing to wear, these workers are breaking company rules and regulations as well as the WSH Act which can result in termination. If you company is unionised, best to get union to support and talk to workers. - CM

To understand the reason of not wearing PPE and to explain the rationale of wearing them. Ask the team lead to supervise, if still unable to follow, then probably have to issue warning letter.  - Jes

Besides giving warning, fine etc. It is also good to find out why the refusal to wear PPE from employees and their team lead/supervisor. Then you may tackle the issue better and work with the authority, if need be. - Janet

For a start, we as employer should ensure that we give them proper training (education), ensure they understands (can quiz them) and the consequences of not abiding to it. If they still do not comply to it, we will need to counsel and give them warning if necessary. - Sharon

Run through the training with expectation of good safety standards & requirements. If possible, show some video on consequences of not observing these standards. Follow up with a site inspection and make it a "fun game" for all participants to identify the issues faced in the workplace. - LSL

We would usually advocate training first and emphasize the importance for them. Training can include demos, role play etc to make it more effective. - Janice

Besides the on-site training, the Safety Officer / Site supervisor must do the site checking and inspection regularly. - Cherry

To train and counsel the workers on importance of safety. Warning can be given to workers if they continue to flaunt safety measures and penalty meted for repeated offence. - CT

A combination of measures will be better. - TCL



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