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Workplace Conflict Management


Dear HR Professionals,

Has anyone managed workplace conflict within management? If the CEO has tasked HR to resolve the conflict, what are the ways that can resolve this?





You need to identify the type of conflict involved and appoint an impartial, respected figure to listen to both sides. If I am close to one of the party, I would not take up this role to mitigate bias perceptions, even though I am HR.

It is crucial to set a clear ground rule for both parties, prior to the meeting:

1. We meet to address the issue, not the people or person.

2. The resolution made, can be justified to be for the best interest of the overall organisation's mission.

Though this is not easy to manage and the resolution may not satisfy everyone, it can be done, and sometimes better the relationships. Good luck CQ!




My experience is that HR must understand both parties perspectives and try to mediate between them. If it works, congratulations. If it doesn't, it means they need more time to resolve their differences.



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