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Dear HR Community

I am trying to find out about any staff gatherings that you are planning to have like Christmas lunch etc.

I understand that many changes have occurred as a result of COVID-19 like flexible work arrangements and safe management practices which may have caused a less cohesive workplace.

So are you planning any events for staff to socialise and re-engage given the difficult year that we have had?

We are in the logistics industry.

Thank you in advance.



HR Poll: Are you planning any workplace gatherings?

Yes: 28.57%

No: 38.10%

Maybe: 9.52%

Not sure: 23.81%




Considering that you are in the logistics industry where there would be employees working at the site, all the more mgt coming to celebrate with them at this time is important. For those working from home, how about a small token each sent to their residential address? Suggestions for your consideration - Joanna

You can do a virtual gathering... or split the event into different timings - Patsy

We are giving out a care pack, Christmas gift, and voucher to employees - Caroline

For safety and well being of employees even though engaging employees is important but safety comes first - Maggie

We are preparing for Christmas lunch. Likely will be bento lunch and gift exchange. Keep in mind that social distancing officers are still going round to check on workplace safety - MM

It all depends on your staff strength and size. Better to put off staff gathering. May suggest just do gift exchange through drawing lots which can also be something to cheer the staff on, the spirit of giving during Christmas! - Christina

We are playing a Secret Santa game within the team that is already segregated based on the COVID measures - Kelly

We are planning to do live streaming virtual corporate party - KL

Hi Jacelyn, There are safe management measures that you may wish to consider as you plan your event at your workplace. Regards Leng2

We are planing an e-team-bonding event like e-escape-room - PCY

Events of up to 50 pax are allowed, so it would be great to organise an event for staff. Hybrid events are the in-thing now for larger organisations, which means to say that there can be up to 50 live guests and the rest can view the event online - Priscilla

We are not organising any events this year - Elsie


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