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WP/SP Renewal


Dear HR Professionals,

Would like to check if staff WP/SP is up for renewal and their passport validity is less than 2 years.

Would you ask the staff to renew their passport or renew the WP for 1 year?

Thank you.




Reply 1

It will be better if they can renew passport because for renewal of SP/WP is based on the validity of the passport. If in case, the passport is less than 2 years, usually MOM would give shorter validity of the work pass. You will have to inform the employee that this is the usual case.




Reply 2

Our company's practise is to ask our staff to renew their passport but if they refuse to renew their passport we proceed on renewing their WP/SP according to their passport validity.




Reply 3

Yes, you may want your staff to renew their passport first, as the work permit expiry will follow the expiry of the passport.




Reply 4

Normally can proceed to renew work pass for 2 years and update MOM the new passport via i-submit in due course.




Reply 5

The staff should renew their passport which is better for both sides.