Learn to write a comprehensive job description which can be used for HR activities like compensation and performance management


For an organization to operate effectively, roles and responsibilities must be clearly established. The Job Description outlines the expectation required of a particular job and acts as a management tool that helps to increase individual and organizational effectiveness.

With the ever competitive business environment, it is increasingly important to incorporate the competency component when preparing the Job Description; thus it is important that both Line Managers and HR practitioners are equipped with the required knowledge and skills.

In the event of termination due to poor performance, job description can serve as a back-up documentation as it will be easier to highlight exactly where the employee's performance does not meet the requirement. A job description is also an excellent tool to measure any performance shortcoming or area where an employee exceeds expectations.

Course Details: 


• Understand how job roles are determined

• Differentiate between Job Analysis and Job Evaluation

• Identifying essential components of a good Job Description

• Exploring the different types of competencies

• Establishing competency-based Job Description

• Learning effective uses of the Job Description


• Understanding the operational environment and business goals and needs

• Identifying the values of various roles in the organization

• Identifying essential components of a good Job Description

• Determining between the “must have” and the “good to have”

• Assimilating the competencies components into Job Description

• Exploring the role of KPIs in Job Description

• Writing the “ideal” Job Description

• Essential deployment of the Job Description in multiple aspects of the business

Who should attend

• HR Practitioners, Line Managers or anyone that is involved in people management and day-today operations.



• Group discussion

• Case studies

• Practical hands-on exercises


Bernard Tay has over 20 years of experience in human resource development and management in both private and public sector experience. He has worked as a regional manager in a renowned American and Japanese global conglomerate. He has gained both local and international experience, having worked for diversified industries ranging from banking, aviation, telecommunication, education, electronics, and energy to the medical sector. He has also worked in the USA where he focused on staffing and organisational development.

Bernard has extensive experience conducting human resource management and development programmes to local and international participants from different organisations. He has acquired working knowledge and experience in developing employee handbooks, job analysis, job evaluation, job description and design, employee orientation and organisational downsizing. In addition, he has been a Senior Assessor for Singapore Quality Award and People Excellence.

Bernard graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Economics and an Upper Honours degree in Sociology from National University of Singapore (NUS) and subsequently obtained his Masters’ Degree in Education and Human Development from George Washington University, USA. He is also a certified Advanced Certificate Training and Assessment (ACTA) trainer.

Administrative Details:

Scheduled Dates

• 7 May 2024  (5th Run)


Duration / Venue

• One day

• 9 am to 5 pm

• Hotel seminar room


A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded at the end of the course.



• S$ 675.80 w/GST (S$620.00) for Community

• S$ 708.50 w/GST (S$650.00) for Non-Subscriber


• Coffee & tea with snacks during the morning and afternoon breaks

• Buffet lunch with vegetarian & halal options


Past Participants:

Past Participants' Comments

• "Learnt how to properly craft a JD and apply it to achieve better fit in recruitment and development of staff" - Jonathan Huang, Wesley Methodist Church

• "The training program was very helpful as we can learn how to write a comprehensive job description that targets the required candidates!"

Past Participant Organisations

• Asian Development Bank, Aramco Asia Singapore Pte Ltd

• Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd

• Fluke South East Asia Pte Ltd

• Kyoob Architects Pte Ltd

• MSI Global Private Limited

• National Cancer Centre Singapore

• Rakuten Asia Pte Ltd

• Stats Chippac Pte Ltd, Sumitomo Electric Automotive Products (Singapore) Pte Ltd

• Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, TPSC Asia Pte Ltd

• Wesley Methodist Church