This course trains and certifies participants in payroll competencies, practices and legal compliance in Singapore and succeed as practitioners


Payroll professionals are in demand in today's employment market and they require knowledge and experience in payroll and other areas including laws that affect payroll, administration of salary and benefits, salary benchmarking and current salary trend.

This Certified Human Resources Specialist (Payroll) qualification course consists of four modules and is designed to train and certify participants to enhance their payroll knowledge, payroll practices and the legal compliance in Singapore that can assist them to succeed in the competitive business environment. Current payroll practitioners will also find this course useful for purposes of enhancing their professional payroll knowledge and bring it up to date.

Course Details: 


• Enhance payroll knowledge and payroll practices

• Enhance professional payroll knowledge and bring it up to date.

• Relevant payroll related knowledge

• Skill-based

Module 1 - Overview of Compensation - (1 day)

• Introduction to Compensation and Benefits.

• Compensation and Benefits Policies.

• Compensation Structure, Trends And Practices.

• Job Evaluation.

• Incentives.

• Non Financial Compensation.

Module 2 - Payroll-Related Legislation - (2 days)

• Singapore Employment Legislation.

• Payroll Legislation and Compliance.

• Payroll Related Taxes.

• Basic terms & conditions of employment.

• Rights & obligations of employees and employers.

• Salary Provisions.

Module 3 - Payroll Policies & Procedures - (2 days)

• Overview of Strategic Pay Systems.

• The Pay Model.

• Policies and Procedures.

• Payroll Process & Challenges.

• Market Survey & Pay Systems.

• Fixed and Variable Payments.

• Flexible Wage System and Monthly Variable Components.

Module 4 - Payroll Outsourcing & Software - (1 day)

• What is Outsourcing as part of the business process?

• When evaluating the need for Payroll Outsourcing, what are the criteria?

• The benefits of outsourcing & pitfalls to avoid when outsourcing.

• What would be the management control?

• Criteria for selecting outsourcing vendors.

• How to manage the outsourced payroll?

• Tracking the effectiveness of outsourced payroll.

Who should attend

Human Resource & Payroll practitioners who wish to enhance their current payroll knowledge and individuals who are interested to begin a professional career in payroll.

Our Trainers

Decades of experience in local and regional HR practices and expert knowledge in labour laws.


Bernard Tay has over 20 years corporate experience in human resource and development across varied industries ranging from airport services, telecommunications, electronics, appliances, medical to energy sector.

He has worked as regional manager in renowned America and Japanese organisation covering full spectrum of human resource management including expatriate and local compensation design and implementation for outbound and inbound overseas assignments.

He is a regular speaker and workshop facilitator to international and local participants keen to learn about topical issues in human resource and people behaviour. His training engagements and assessment have taken him to countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. Bernard is currently one of the trainers for HRSINGAPORE's HR Certification Courses.

Bernard graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Economics and an Upper Honours degree in Sociology from National University of Singapore (NUS) and subsequently obtained his Masters Degree in Education and Human Development from George Washington University, USA. He has also completed almost a year of working stint in Virginia, USA.

Chan Phak Sung has 20 years of experience in regional start-up and leadership Human Capital Development and Management function in Asia-Pacific for Global MNCs such as Canon, Dell Computer, Sony, Air Products and Chemicals, Informatics, etc. He has also had hands-on experience in business development, customer service, corporate training, consulting, M&A. He left Canon where he held three appointments: Regional HR Director; Regional Innovation & Productivity Supervising Director; and Regional Learning & Development Director.

Phak Sung is currently a management consultant helping companies to setup their HR functions and infrastructures; merge their policies and practices when they acquire companies; trouble shoot if they have organizational effectiveness issues; and design and deliver training or workshops such as cross-cultural communication, team building, strategic planning and change management, corporate governance and ethics, leadership skills etc.

He conducted a ten-day series of workshops for the Royal Bhutan Government's Ministries' Heads of HR in strategic planning, strategic staffing, and corporate governance. He was recently the keynote speaker in a forum on Human Capital Analytics in Manila organized by Assessment Analytics International. His topic was Measuring Human Capital Analytics for Business Growth.

Phak Sung lectured at a local institute in Strategic Planning and Change Management in the graduate diploma and diploma programs in Human Capital Management introducing the first ever Corporate Governance and Ethics program and was the only lecturer for this program. He also lectured on International Human Capital Management and Administrative Management for an Australian university's bachelor's degree programs. Phak Sung is currently one of the trainers for HRSINGAPORE's HR Certification Courses. Phak Sung holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Economics from California State University, USA.


Noel Khng has more than 20 years’ experience in the Human Resources field working for the Shell Group of Companies. He has taken on roles as a generalist as well as specialist roles in Recruitment, Staff Administration, Industrial Relations, HR Information Systems and Learning and Development.

He also worked as the Group HR Manager for Mewah International Inc., one of the largest palm oil refiners and traders in the world, headquartered in Singapore with 3 refineries in Malaysia and marketing offices in China, Australia, Russia, Rumania, Poland, Brazil and Argentina. Leading a team of 28 HR professionals, he was charged with setting the overall direction for HR policies and practices across the Mewah Group.

By way of academic achievements, Noel holds a Master’s of Science (UK) majoring in HRM and a Diploma in Industrial Relations. He also successfully completed the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA).

Noel is currently one of the trainers for HRSINGAPORE's HR Certification Courses.



Elsie Low is a HR Practitioner with over 25 years of experience. She has specific experience and strength in talent acquisition, human resource development, compensation and benefits development, payroll administration and management, talent management, employee communication and relations. She is a visionary and performance focused professional. Coupled with that, she has excellent business acumen with strong work ethics.

Elsie has worked in various multi-national and local SMEs and in different sectors such as manufacturing, electronics, construction, engineering and oil & gas. Her span of responsibility and experience are spent in various regional and leadership roles across different regions in ASEAN, Australia, China and Middle East.

Elsie graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Human Resource and a MBA in Finance. She is currently one of the trainers for HRSINGAPORE's HR Certification Courses.

Administrative Details: 

Scheduled Dates

• 5, 12, 19, 26 July, 2, 16 August 2018 - Thursdays - 7th Intake


• Six days

• 9 am to 5.30 pm


Certification will be awarded upon successful completion of all the modules and Competency-Based Assessments. And those who are successful are entitled to use the designatory title "CHRS® (Payroll)" after their names.


• S$ 2,950 for Community

• S$ 3,080 for others


• Coffee & tea with snacks during the morning and afternoon breaks

• Buffet lunch with vegetarian & halal options


Past Participants:

Past Participants' Comments

• "Trainer (Noel) has given a better understanding on the payroll policies & procedures and I have learnt the overview, flexible wage system and monthly variable of components." - Jennie Seah, Rapiscan Systems Pte Ltd

• "The trainer has shared his experience and gave a good overview of compensation." - Sally Tea May Kheng, BCS Information Systems Pte Ltd

• "Elements of the outsourcing contract is useful and looks like it can be used for other vendor management contract."

• "Trainer is knowledgeable on the topic." – Joanne Ching, ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems)

• "Jenny was extremely effective in delivering the concepts through interesting activities. Friendly and approachable facilitator." - Janice Lim, STT Communications

• "Well done, Jenny. We have an enjoyable session and learn a lot from you. Thank you!" - Eileen Teng, Canon Singapore

• "Jenny has covered the module comprehensively. I enjoyed learning. Thanks Jenny." - Ainah Baharom, AlKhair Mosque

• "I've learned not only knowledge on Payroll and trainer's life experience sharing and valuable comments." - Ivy Liu, Singapore Component

Past Participant Organizations

• AFPD, AlKhair Mosque, Asia Pacific Breweries (Singapore), Agency for Science, Technology and Research.

• BreadTalk, BCS Information Systems, Biomedical Sciences Institutes, BSH Home Appliances, Basler & Hofmann Singapore.

• Canon Singapore, Coffee Express 2000, Concordia Agritrading, Critical Management, CapitaLand, COSL Drilling Pan-Pacific.

• Economic Development Board, Ecquaria Technologies, Enercon Asia.

• Healthway Medical Group, Heitkamp Und Thumann, Hewitt HR Delivery Services, HST Medical, Hitachi Metals Singapore.

• KBC Bank NV, KLA-Tencor (Singapore).

• M+W Singapore, 

• Philip Morris Singapore, Prosafe Offshore Services.

• Republic Polytechnic, Rapiscan Systems.

• Seiko Instruments Singapore, Senoko Energy, Singapore Component, Singapore Labour Foundation, Singapore Technologies Aerospace, SMOE, ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems),  Communications, Science and Engineering Institutes (SCEI), Singapore Indian Development Association, SPRING Singapore.

• The Hour Glass. 

• Vopak Terminals Singapore, Viewpoint Software Services. 

• Weatherford Asia Pacific.

CHRS (Payroll) Graduates in 2008

  • Judy Lim, CHRS (Payroll), AFPD Pte Ltd
  • Ainah Baharom, CHRS (Payroll), AlKhair Mosque
  • Eileen Teng, CHRS (Payroll), Canon Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Katherine Lim, CHRS (Payroll), Ecquaria Technologies Pte Ltd
  • Angeline Tay, CHRS (Payroll), Republic Polytechnic
  • Ivy Liu, CHRS (Payroll), Singapore Component
  • Janice Lim, CHRS (Payroll), STT Communications

CHRS (Payroll) Graduates in 2011

  • Chua Kar Gek Evelyn, CHRS (Payroll), Asia Pacific Breweries (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • Derrick Wang, CHRS (Payroll), BreadTalk Pte Ltd
  • Lu Yanling, CHRS (Payroll), Economic Development Board
  • Teo Hui Chiew, CHRS (Payroll), Economic Development Board
  • Sally Toh Siew Ling, CHRS (Payroll), Healthway Medical Group Pte Ltd
  • Chow Pei Chun Cynthia, CHRS (Payroll), Hewitt HR Delivery Services Pte Ltd
  • Florianna Loo Pei Yu, CHRS (Payroll), KBC Bank NV
  • Chew Suan Goke, CHRS (Payroll), Seiko Instruments Singapore pte Ltd
  • Khew Vee Ling Vivian, CHRS (Payroll), Vopak Terminals Singapore Pte Ltd

CHRS (Payroll) Graduates in 2013

  • Tan Bee Hong Dian, CHRS (Payroll), Coffee Express 2000 Pte Ltd
  • Serene Ang Seow Hoon, CHRS (Payroll), Heitkamp Und Thumann (S) Pte Ltd
  • Kek Hong Ai Karen, CHRS (Payroll), M+W Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Tay Siew Kwee, Cindy, CHRS (Payroll), Senoko Energy Pte Ltd
  • Christy Tan Chiew Jun, CHRS (Payroll), Singapore Labour Foundation
  • Alice Goh Geok Lee, CHRS (Payroll), SMOE Pte Ltd
  • Sally Ong Sok Bee, CHRS (Payroll) 
  • Jenny Koh, CHRS (Payroll) 

CHRS (Payroll) Graduates in 2014

  • Seng Siew Hua, CHRS (Payroll), Concordia Agritrading Pte Ltd
  • Yee Yee Monoo, Clare, CHRS (Payroll), Prosafe Offshore Services Pte Ltd
  • Gan Suat Ling Sylvia, CHRS (Payroll), Senoko Energy Pte Ltd
  • Kwok Ling Ling Amy, CHRS (Payroll), Singapore Technologies Aerospace Ltd
  • Joanne Ching Peck Hoon, CHRS (Payroll), ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) Pte Ltd
  • Laura Lim Hong Eng, CHRS (Payroll), ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) Pte Ltd
  • Fong Yuet Mun, CHRS (Payroll), ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) Pte Ltd
  • Yong Bee Fah (Amanda), CHRS (Payroll), The Hour Glass Ltd
  • Tan Yee Wen, CHRS (Payroll), Weatherford Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

CHRS (Payroll) Graduates in 2016

  • Zarina Bte Yahaya, CHRS (Payroll), Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)
  • Sally Tea May Kheng, CHRS (Payroll), BCS Information Systems Pte Ltd
  • Chua Loh Mui, Alice, CHRS (Payroll), Biomedical Sciences Institutes
  • Fang Sze Yuen, Celena, CHRS (Payroll), BSH Home Appliances Pte Ltd
  • Afidah Binte Wahib, CHRS (Payroll), Enercon Asia Pte Ltd
  • Joanne Yap, CHRS (Payroll), HST Medical Pte Ltd
  • Annie Lim, CHRS (Payroll), KLA-Tencor (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
  • Seah May Choo, CHRS (Payroll), Rapiscan Systems Pte Ltd
  • Tan Lee Hia, CHRS (Payroll), Science and Engineering Institutes (SCEI)
  • Kamaliah Binte Aripin, CHRS (Payroll) 
  • Punithavathi D/O Subramaniam, CHRS (Payroll), Singapore Indian Development Association

CHRS (Payroll) Graduates in 2017

  • Chua Chor Hoon, CHRS (Payroll), Basler & Hofmann Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Cho Yuan Chan, CHRS (Payroll), CapitaLand Limited
  • Ang Pei Yong, CHRS (Payroll), COSL Drilling Pan-Pacific Ltd
  • Chua Ah Hoo, CHRS (Payroll), Hitachi Metals Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Kam Yin Ching, CHRS (Payroll), SPRING Singapore
  • Raslinda-Wati Binte Zailani, CHRS (Payroll), Viewpoint Software Services Pte Ltd