HR Certification Courses, HRLAW Seminars and HR Workshops that have been confirmed and commencing soon. Please scroll down for the list of courses.

Employment of Foreign Manpower Act

1 December 2023 - 23rd Run - Confirmed

It is vital that we are well acquainted with the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA) and Employment of Foreign Manpower (Levy Order) to manage this group of employees and reduce potential conflicts between employers and employees. On top of that, it is critical that our policies are compliant with the legal requirements to avoid being fined or curtailment of the Work Pass privilege.

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Talent Retention

5 December 2023 - New! - Confirmed

This one-day workshop will provide you with the strategies and the 3C framework to retain and unlock the potential of your talent, which will decrease the turnover rate of your organization and increase the capability of your leaders.

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Employee Engagement Workshop

6 December 2023 - 10th Run - Confirmed

During this one day workshop, participants will be equipped with a comprehensive overview of employee engagement and have the opportunity to consider and discuss about some hurdles, drivers and cost-effective ways to improve employee engagement.

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Behavioural & Competency-Based Interviewing Skills Workshop

6 & 7 December 2023 - 20st Run - Confirmed

The course objectives include learning to craft behavioural and competency-based questions to solicit the required information from candidates and practicing the most important and relevant skills with exercises and role plays.

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HRLAW® Philippines Seminar

7 December 2023 - 25th Run - Confirmed

This seminar includes practical tips and proven HR ‘in-country’ best practices to enhance the understanding and application of Philippine Labour Laws. It will equip HR professionals with the necessary knowledge and understanding to maintain employee engagement and prevent labour disputes in the Philippines.

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The Employment Act & Its Practical Applications

12 December 2023 - 32nd Run - Confirmed

During the seminar, participants will be able to differentiate between Contract of Service and Contract for Service, Termination, and Dismissal, identify when an employment contract is broken, handle 'no show' cases for recruitment, as well as the legal requirements for public holidays, sick leaves, annual leave, and maternity leave.

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Handling Difficult Employees Workshop

12 December 2023 - 3rd Run - Confirmed

This one-day training is designed to equip the participants with the necessary skills to manage difficult employees and to help you to identify positive strategies for dealing with them. Participants will learn how to avoid conflict through healthy confrontation and actions that build stronger and better relationships and teamwork at workplace.

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HRLAW® Australia Seminar

13 December 2023 - 27th Run - Confirmed

At the end of this one-day program, participants should have a comprehensive overview of Australia’s employment law framework and minimum employment obligations. They will be aware of general employee rights and trade unions, courts, and tribunals, as well as their flexibility and limitation.

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Developing an Employee Handbook

13 December 2023 - 23rd Run - Confirmed

This workshop will help participants compile the policies, procedures, working conditions and behavioral expectations that guide employee actions in their companies. Participants attending this workshop will be provided with a comprehensive template for an Employee Handbook.

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Developing Effective HR Policies & Procedures Workshop

14 December 2023 - 15th Run - Confirmed

Learn how to structure, develop and implement HR policies and procedures that are relevant, clear, compliant, effective, and aligned with management philosophies.

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HRLAW® Japan Seminar

15 December 2023 - 12th Run - Confirmed

This course will help one to develop a clear understanding of the legal framework that shapes employment relationships in Japan and enable one to navigate the complexities of the labour market, make informed decisions and ensure compliance with the law.

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Contract Law for HR

19 December 2023 - 2nd Run - Confirmed

This course will look at the importance of contract law and provide a fundamental understanding of the law for HR professionals. It will deal with key issues on employment law matters and particularly, employment contracts.

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HR Communication Workshop

20 December 2023 - 7th Run - Confirmed

This workshop should enable us to recognise the importance of employee engagement in building relationships that support collaboration, and foster trust and commitment in our employees, and that one of the ways to achieve this is through our effective internal communication with our employees.

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Finance for HR Professionals Workshop

21 December 2023 - 7th Run - Confirmed

This course is designed to provide HR Practitioners with working financial knowledge and develop an understanding of how to use the information in financial statements to evaluate the performance of a company.

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Compensation and Benefits Management Workshop

4 & 5 January 2024 - 35th Run - Confirmed

Companies are often challenged to maintain a compensation system that balances internal equity with external competitiveness and aligned with the strategic intent of the organisation. This course will help participants to design compensation and benefits schemes to attract, motivate and retain employees.

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Designing an Equitable & Competitive Salary Structure

9 January 2024 - 6th Run - Confirmed

Salary structures are designed and implemented to provide a framework for administering of the employee compensation programs. Organizations need to establish the Salary Structure which is equitable and fair, promotes employee engagement and encouraging high performance.

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HR for Non-HR Workshop

11 January 2024 - 25th Run - Confirmed

This one-day workshop has been designed to give all non- HR professionals a platform to appreciate all the HR functions and their relevance to organisational effectiveness.

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Exit Interview Workshop

11 January 2024 - 19th Run - Confirmed

During this one-day program, participants will be provided with a comprehensive overview of the purposes and potential benefits of exit interviews. They will learn how to conduct an exit interview properly and effectively, create user-friendly exit interview forms and report the results of the interview results.

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Managing Conflict, Under Performance and Misconduct Workshop

12 January 2024 - 6th Run - Confirmed

This workshop will provide participants with the practical knowledge and skills to confidently manage conflicts, underperformance and misconduct at the workplace.

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Payroll Legislations & Its Practical Applications

23 January 2024 - 17th Run - Confirmed

Stay compliant and ahead with Payroll Legislations & Its Practical Applications Workshop. As an HR or Payroll professional, it's crucial to be up-to-date with employment regulations and legislations. Our workshop explores how new laws impact the payroll department, with a focus on storing diverse information and answering in-depth queries from employees and the business. Be equipped to handle any challenge with our comprehensive resources on payroll legislation.

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